Posting & Blogging

I’ve decided to let this blog become my new “personal” website. I’ve updated some of the items on the About,  Life/Work Balance, and Professional pages in the tabs above.  I’ve noticed that only 10 posts show at a time, and I’m not sure how to fix it, even though I’ve changed it in the settings. If you’d like to read posts from the past, please feel free to go to the 2nd column and visit the archived posts (denoted Listing of Posts)  by month; all of them can be found there.  This is not a complete website, but it’s better than the one page academic site that I had in the past which listed my education and some of the courses that I’d taught.  I don’t know if I’ll add other widgets, but this page should regularly import updated content from some of my other blogs and my Twitter site. 

This morning, I wrote a (short) new post called California Dreaming about the imposter syndrome on my other blog,  I think that it will import to this site later in the day.

Thank you for visiting!