Mi Última Noche (my last night)

Today was my last day at UMET for this trip! I had a wonderful time. My hosts and I presented our results to the Chancellor and then we went out to dinner. The dinner was held at the Alcázar resturant. The pictures show this huge, wonderful dessert that the wife of the Chancellor ordered … she shared it with me and it was SO good! It’s called Dalí; it’s large pastry that is filled with guava custard, served with nuts and icecream and guava paste. The guava custard is similar to a sweet potato cheesecake. The guava paste is similar to caramel. I had ordered “torte chocolate (pronounced TOR-tay cho-co-LA-tay) but I was so full from eating her dessert that I had to take mine to go! I have photos of me in my daily office at UMET, the dessert, and the restaurant.

I’m packing now. It’s time to prepare to get back to the cold weather, but the additional warmth that comes from being with friends and family!

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