Conferencia: estudiantes, profesores y comiunidad

Conferencia: estudiantes, profesores y comiunidad … Conference: students, professors, and community. I am priviledged to be in Puerto Rico during a time of discussion about globalization and culture. The conference is presented by “La Escuela de Ciencias Sociales, Humunidades y Comunicaciones de la Universidad Metropolitana” (The School of Social Sciences, Humanities, and Communications.)

Today I went to a very interesting talk on media in the Arab World. UMET’s Dept. of Communications is celebrating new concentrations. The seminar series talks about the role of communications in social change and polital action. In Spanish, it is “El rol de las communicaciones en el cambio social y la acción política.” The talk was titled “El mundo arabe: Cultura, sociedad e instituciones” … The Arab World: Culture, Society, and Institions.

One of the main themes is that we don’t take enough time to get to know one another … we make assumptions about people from other cultures without getting to know them, we make generalizations about people without understanding their unique/diverse qualities, and we are often influenced by single forms of media without taking time to diversify our sources. This is a conversation that should continue.
This afternoon I spent some more time with students in the lab, talked with my collaborator, had a planning meeting, and discussed cultures with my colleague. Once again, another great day.