Muchos lugares

Host and colleague in Palmas del Mar

One of the kioskos (kiosks) in Luquillo (near Fajardo)

On the patio at the home of my host.

At the clock in Caguas, across from “Dulce Nombre de Jesús”
Host and colleague at the coffee stand in Caguas.

Muchos lugaresmany places. This afternoon, my host took my colleague and I to many places to show various parts of the island. One of the places included his birthplace, Caguas (,,_Puerto_Rico … there is a picture of a cathedral in the middle of this website … “Dulce Nombre de Jesús” (Sweet Name of Jesus) that is across from the plaza that is shown in my pictures.) You will see me near one of the clocks in the plaza, and my colleagues at a coffee stand. We also went to places on the eastern side of the island: Palmas del Mar in Humacao, Luquillo, and then a wonderful outdoor dinner at his home in San Juan. The photos are taken in these places. When we were on the east side of the island, we could see the island of Vieques which is known for its bioluminescent bay (,_Puerto_Rico). You will see various pictures of my host and my colleague, and some of me with other guests of my host and his wife. They are wonderfully hospitable and really made me feel special. It was a great day!

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