Mi cancion para esta dia

Mi cancion para esta dia … my song for this day. It is Sunday again, and I had planned to go to see the mother of one of my students who passed away a few years ago; she lives on the other side of the island, and it doesn’t look like I am going to make it today. So I woke up thinking about how much God loves us. I have a song on my ipod called “Tomame en tus brazos” which means “Take me in your arms.” It’s a song to God; the words are (my loose English translations are included):

Tomame en tus brazos
Tomame las manos
Camina aquí a mi lado
No me dejes porfavor

(Take me in your arms
Take me in your hands
Walk here by my side
Please don’t leave me)

Toma mi destino
Toma mi camino
En ti estoy confiado
Siempre mirame Señor

(Take my destiny
Take my walk
In you I am trusting
Always, you watch me Lord)

Es que yo sin ti, yo no se lo que es vivir
Es que yo sin ti nisiquiera se existir

(It is that I without you, I don’t know what it is to live
It is that I without you, don’t want to exist)

Te necesito, te necesito
Como el cielo necesita el sol para brillar
Y la tierra necesita Luna y mar

(I need you, I need you
Like the sky needs the sun to be bright
And the earth needs moon and sea)

Te necesito, te necesito
Cada día mas y mas, quiero estar donde tu estas
No te dejare jamás, te necesito

(I need you, I need you
Every day more and more, I want to be where you are
I will never leave you, I need you.)

(Sung by Marcos Witt and Luis Pedraza)

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