Trabajando – working. Today, I was working with students for most of the morning and I had meetings in the afternoon. I gave a talk yesterday and today I had a “Coffee Hour” which was similar to “drop-in office hours.”
So I worked with students on their statements of purpose, their goals and objectives, and other issues related to graduate school. We talked about toxicology, psychology, oceanography, microbiology, and environmental chemistry! After the office hours, I had lunch with some students from Puerto Rico’s Inter-American University who took some time off to come to see me. One of them had come to visit UMBC during his sophomore year and now that he’s in his senior year, he wanted to talk about the options more seriously. He was very kind … he had come to campus yesterday, but I was double-booked so I missed him and he came back today. He is in the photo. I had other meetings this afternoon regarding my presentation to the Chancellor which is coming up next week. I ‘ve accomplished quite a bit, but I still have lots to do. Today, we also had big programs at both UMBC and College Park so I was excited about those events. All in all it was a full day!