Mi primera noche

I arrived in Puerto Rico this afternoon and was treated to wonderful, warm hospitality by my hosts from Universidad Metropolitana. The weather was hot (for me) but warm by Puerto Rican standards … 80+ degrees and humid!

I went to the store (supermercado) this evening to buy some food and was only able to utter one word of Spanish …. “Permiso” to say “excuse me” to the lady that I had to reach over to get a box of granola bars. Hmmm, I have some practicing to do!
I live near a small area of tropical trees and the coqui frogs are loud! They “sing.” I had forgotten about that. I’ve heard them before, but it has usually been when I was outdoors. I will have to adjust to the sound so that I can sleep.
(More about the coqui:

It also rained several times today. The rains and storms are short, but the rain comes down. I am 1 hour ahead of the mainland U.S. There is no daylight savings time here, so Puerto Rico didn’t “fall back.” Even though my husband warned me, I think that I STILL missed the 2nd day of “24!” Oh wait … another version is coming on! I may be ok afterall!

It is great to be here, but I also miss home! I have meetings tomorrow and a presentation to give so I will say goodnight (“Buenas Noches” … or as they say in PR “Buena Noche!”)

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