Another Ph.D. joins the ranks!

Today I had the pleasure of attending the Doctoral Dissertation Defense for one of our PROMISE students. She did a fabulous job and demonstrated her excellent science! Her advisor and committee used words like “outstanding” and “fantastic” to describe both her and her work. Days like today make those days when she and others were thinking about quitting. One of her friends, another recent Ph.D. was also in the group today. I was so proud to share in the celebration. So my word for the day is PERSEVERE! The dictionary says:

  • hang in, hold on,
  • be persistent, refuse to stop

If you’re just applying to college or grad school or if you’re a current student working toward your degree(s), keep plugging along; don’t give up!

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  1. Looking Good Dr. Tull. I was just reading an article earlier this week in the Wall Street Journal (yeah I get to read it for school now, isn’t that cool?!) about how potential employers are sometimes googling people to see other sides of their personalities/professions in blogs. This is right in line with current trends and I think it is a great way to bring faith in without compromising or offending our diverse community of cultures and beliefs at UMBC!

    Congrats to Kelly also! I know she is happy, relieved, & overjoyed! I can’t wait but I can imagine when I am done! I am also thanking God about being excitment about my current work on in public policy now!


  2. Thanks for stopping by “Future Dr. Carter!” Yes, Kelly was thrilled. Her lab gave her a nice little party afterward. When I was working on my degree, my Dad and I used to have this joke about “seeing the tunnel where the light is.” As I got closer and closer to finishing, we keep on joking about how close I was to the light, and then the tunnel, until I eventually saw “the light at the end of the tunnel” and then reached it!


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